Constellations Part 3: Eureka!

The development of Constellations required a lot of work to merge both the science and the gaming experience!

Ian Zang Design

Continued from Constellations Part 2: Drawing Board.

After a disheartening playtest where drawing constellations failed on a grand scale, I was reeling. I wasn’t sure how to get constellation shapes involved. One good thing to come out of that playtest was that I really liked the method of using stars to build the constellations. It was incredibly thematic, and simple to understand.

To elaborate, Constellations uses a mechanic similar to Ticket to Ride (TtR), where you have to collect cards to build the constellation. Constellations requires you to get a combination of different star classes, however, instead of TtR’s similar colors of trains.

The idea behind this is that stars in the night sky are not all one color. They vary in light intensity, color, and temperature. Astronomers have classified the stars with a letter code, as seen below.


Dante saw a unique opportunities to inject even more theme by…

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