OSIRIS-REx – Day 2 in Space


OSIRIS-REx Liftoff

Liftoff of the OSIRIS-REx aboard an Atlas V rocket, from the ASOC building.

     Our spacecraft continues to operate flawlessly. Kudos to the operations team members who have been tracking and operating the spacecraft since separation! Here are some details on recent status.

     After a flawless launch day, day 2 has also progressed as planned.

     We have completed the Countup Procedure and the spacecraft has exited safe mode. We have slewed the solar arrays from (90,0) to (90,45) and changed the ACS mode from Inertial Point to Sun-Earth Point. We are now in Outbound Cruise phase!

     All subsystems are nominal and the background sequence is loaded and ready to take over at 6pm Mountain time this evening.  24/7 coverage is being relaxed for many subsystems, though a few will stay on tonight and monitor.

     After reporting nominal launch vehicle performance, Navigation has delivered periodic ephemerides files to support DSN station acquisition. Nav noted enhanced external accelerations in the 3 hours following initial DSN acquisition, which is not an unexpected phenomena and may be related to spacecraft outgassing. Data from that period was edited from subsequent orbit determination processes with excellent results.

      Operations have been very smooth. DSN supports have all been nominal. OSIRIS-REx had a great day 2 and continues its journey to Bennu.

OSIRIS-REx Liftoff

Liftoff of the OSIRIS-REx aboard an Atlas V rocket, from the ASOC building.

     I am so proud of this team! Thanks to everyone for performing their jobs in such a proficient and enthusiastic manner. I have heard from so many people what an amazing emotional experience they had on launch day. The whole world is with us on this amazing adventure!

Onward and Upward,





  1. Donald Mayfield · · Reply

    Can we get a mission patch somewhere?

  2. Clemens Unger · · Reply

    Hi Dante,

    You and your team can be so proud. I followed the mission for a long time and it finally came to the launch. I was watching half way around the globe in Melbourne and had my fingers crossed for you. Congratulations again. A job more than well done. I am looking forward for the great science to come!

    Clem Unger

    Sent from MotoX

  3. Hello, Dante!

    Just came across this short timelapse of the launch. You may like it 🙂

    “Launch of OSIRIS-REx” by Gautham Narayan

    Burst sequence of still images during launch with a fixed 90mm/27 degree field of view.
    Blink and you’ll miss it. Rockets are very loud and very fast.

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