Constellations Part 1: The Creation

Designing a board game is a lot like designing a space mission!

Ian Zang Design


Over the next few weeks, this blog will cover how Constellations came to be. The path has been a little winding, so we’ll start from the beginning. Constellations is being published (and codesigned) with Dante Lauretta, the Principal Investigator on the OSIRIS-REx mission to the asteroid Bennu.

Xtronaut, Dante’s company, began as an after school program to get students interested in space and planetary science. His passion of board games lead to the creation of the company’s namesake game, Xtronaut.


It was launched on Kickstarter, and my friend and colleague Ben Shulman (of Jelly Bean Soup Games) offered his services to create all the art and graphic design. I was then brought on to write the rules, and ended up doing some development on the game as well.

As thanks, Dante invited me to the launch of OSIRIS-REx in September, which I absolutely couldn’t say no to. The space…

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